Welcome to the Dynamic Music and Movement Studio located in Oceanside, California. Our teachers offer high quality group music lessons for children ages 3 and up and private piano lessons for all ages.


Music Lessons & Movement Lessons for Children in oceanside

The Dynamic Music and Movement Studio offers Foundations of Music classes, featuring the Orff Schulwerk approach, for children ages 3 and up. In these fun group classes, children learn musical concepts by listening and moving to music, chanting poems, singing, performing body percussion and playing instruments.  

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Oceanside piano lesson Lenore Johnson

Piano Lessons for All Ages In Oceanside

In each lesson, tailored to individual needs, the students of The Dynamic Music and Movement Studio are taught to become experts at reading music and to bring the page of music alive. In an effort to promote confidence in performing, we host recitals in the Oceanside studio 3 to 4 times per year. Our ultimate goal is to teach our students to become independent musicians so they can enjoy their musical skills for a lifetime.  

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Testimonials About Our Teachers, Piano Lessons, and Music Lessons In Oceanside

Lenore Johnson is an amazing piano and Orff music teacher! The classes are so engaging and fun!  My boys leave Ms. Lenore's music studio every week, energized, with big smiles on their faces. I have noticed that after the weekly Orff lessons, they have become a lot more expressive and confident.

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Oceanside Music Class Lenore Johnson 04

Making Music a Right, Not a Privilege

At the Dynamic Music and Movement Studio, we firmly believe that all children should have access to music education. Given the current cuts to school music programs, too many children are being left out. To address this challenge, we charge less than our competitors and have partnered with scholarship programs and area charter schools. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality music lessons at an affordable price.

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