“We are so thrilled to have found a wonderful music teacher!“

“Miss Lenore is by far one of the best music teachers we have had.  She didn’t just teach my kids how to play instruments but rather passed on her love and passion for music. She will forever be a part of our lives. We are very grateful to her and highly recommend her.

My three youngest children have taken Ms. Lenore's Orff class and they loved it!   The class is so much fun and interactive. Along with playing many different kinds of instruments, they are constantly singing and moving their bodies to new rhythms.  She even taught them to write music as young as 7 years old.  Orff class was a great foundation before starting other instruments like guitar and violin.  My two youngest daughters are currently in their 3rd year of Orff classes with Ms. Lenore and one of them will now start violin, the other will start piano with Ms. Lenore.”

-Judith Molloy

“I am amazed at how quickly my daughter's skills have developed.“

“I have two children enrolled at the Music Studio of Lenore Johnson.   My oldest daughter, now age 15, started taking piano 9 years ago with Ms. Lenore and also participated when she was younger, in the Orff group music program.  My daughter took on the role of  "teacher assistant" for Orff  Music Camp in summer of 2010, helping Ms. Lenore with children ages 5-8. 

My daughter is currently taking a 45-min piano lesson as well as a 30-min shared vocal lesson with another student and her next performance will be singing and playing "Love Story" by Taylor Swift.   I am amazed at how quickly my daughter's skills have developed.

My son started piano lessons  at age six with Ms. Lenore and is currently attending a 30-min piano lesson and has been enrolled in the 1-hour Orff group music class for his 5th year in a row.   I  can see how the Orff training has helped develop his piano playing.   Both my children love music and we certainly love listening to them!”