making music a right, not a privilege

We Believe All Children Should Have Access to Quality Music Education.


The benefits of learning music last a lifetime, and we are doing our part to ensure that students of all backgrounds can attend lessons at our studio. 


When Lenore started her Foundations of Music program in 2010, she set out to create an affordable and developmentally appropriate educational option for families with young children. She knew that some students would benefit from being in both piano and group music classes, so she decided to keep the lesson fees low enough for families to afford both.

She now charges just $17.35 per 60 minute group class and has continued her commitment to providing high-quality, affordable music education. If your child is showing musical potential and interest, but hasn’t specifically requested piano (or is under the age of 7 with no prior musical experience), consider that the Foundations of Music program costs 35% of what private piano lessons cost. 

Although private lessons do cost more than the group lessons, both Lenore and Emma keep their prices lower than the competition. They want to make private lessons as reasonable as possible for the benefit of their students. The rates for weekly lessons are as follows:

Lenore: $30/30 minute lesson Emma: $25/30 minute lesson

If the cost of any of our music programs simply isn’t in your budget, keep reading!


We have proudly partnered with the MusicLink foundation to provide reduced-cost lessons to families in need. The foundation also offers reduced rates for lesson books, assistance in obtaining an instrument, and valuable corporate and educational partnerships. There is an income cap for all families accepted to the program. If you think you may qualify for assistance and to learn more about the MusicLink foundation, you may go to

We are also willing to work with other scholarship or grant programs if you have located one through independent research. We can provide any necessary paperwork for applications and will work around the program’s payment schedules. 


We are currently included on the list of vendors for Inspire Charter Schools, and will work with you to make use of their Instructional Funding. There are other charter schools in the area that provide extracurricular funding, and we are open to working with them as well. If your child is enrolled in a charter school that provides funding for outside activities, simply give us the name of your school when you contact us, and we will begin the process to become a vendor.