Music and movement for young children

Foundations of Music for Tomorrow’s Musicians


The Dynamic Music and Movement Studio offers Foundations of Music classes, featuring the Orff Schulwerk approach, for children ages 3 and up.  Children who participate in quality group music programs improve cognitive skills, physical coordination, language skills and social development.  Like learning any language, the best time to start young as possible.


Children learn musical concepts by listening and moving to music, chanting poems, singing, performing body percussion (clapping, stamping, patting knees, snapping fingers) and playing instruments. The Foundations of Music classes teach children essential musical skills which prepares them for and complements any other musical endeavors they may choose to pursue. For example: piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin/viola programs in middle school, musical theater, drum line, percussion groups and band programs in high school. These lessons are fun! The children are so engaged they forget they are actually learning crucial skills and becoming competent musicians. After completing their first year, students advance to level 2 classes the following year, then level 3, 4, 5, etc., advancing through one level per year.


Students are organized into groups of 6-12 children based on their age and musical experience. Lenore has equipped her studio with 14 high-quality barred Orff instruments so that every student has their own barred instrument each class. These instruments are designed specifically for the child and consist of xylophones, glockenspiels and metallophones. Additionally, there are over twenty different types of other percussion instruments in the studio: drums, tambourines, woodblocks, rhythm sticks, cymbals, temple blocks, triangles, etc.


Students love to share their musical experiences, therefore parents are invited into the studio on designated dates to watch their children in action. At the end of the year, students perform at the Ruby Schulman Auditorium in the Carlsbad Dove Library. This newly remodeled facility holds over 200 people and has a state of the art sound system as well as graduated seating. The cost of the recital is built into the tuition so there are no extra charges and students may bring as many guests as they wish.


Classes start in September and run until the end of May/1st week of June. Tuition is $620 for 35 lessons plus a recital. Most families prefer to pay tuition in 10 equal payments of $62. The first payment is due upon registration and the remaining 9 payments are due by the 1st of the month, Sept. - May. The cost of the recital ($15 per student) is built into the tuition.


Class schedules are not posted online because it is important to assess each child individually. This ensures that the student is placed in a class appropriate for their age and level of musicianship. Please call Lenore at 760-224-3806 for class times.